Top Tips for Budget Wedding Flowers in Mallorca

So we all know that weddings are expensive therefore managing your budget is essential to avoid over-spending. Looking into every aspect of your wedding and seeing how to stretch your budget and get the maximum impact for that amount is key to being able to still achieve the wedding you want. So we have put together some tips and handy hints on how to make your flower budget go as far as possible for your wedding in Mallorca…

1. Recycle Everything

Where possible we try to create flowers that can be used for both the ceremony and then the reception too. Using the same flowers up to three times for one wedding is often possible. Pew ends become table centres, ceremony table arrangements become head table arrangements, pagoda flowers turn into cake and gift table flowers etc. Ask your florist if they will stay on and move everything for you (probably for a small extra charge).

2. Use Seasonal Flowers

Using flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding will definitely get you more “bang for your buck”. Out of season flowers can be up to seven times more expensive than when in season! Speak to your florist about the look you are trying to achieve, they will be able to advise you on the seasonal blooms available to achieve it.

3. Give Your Florist a Free Rein

I know it’s your big day and you want everything to be as You want it, and you probably have some very specific ideas on your bouquet and all your weddings flowers. However if you can allow yourself to step back (just a little bit) to allow your florist to be creative on the day (obviously still in-keeping with your colour scheme and style), you will find that you will get more elaborate and beautiful creations. Your florist will love the challenge too!

4. Single Flowers

Using just one feature flower in table centres and pew ends can be very effective – the saying “less is more” is never truer. Larger blooms such as garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, mums, dahlias and lilies all work beautifully on their own.

5. Foliage

Ask for lots of foliage in your arrangements rather than just relying on flowers. There are some beautiful varieties of greenery especially in Mallorca and having lots of foliage will add texture and substance to your wedding flowers. Complete the look by adding hints of flowers here and there.

6. Incorporate Non-floral Accents

Candles, seashells, fruit, vegetables, mirrors, glass wear, fabrics – these are all things that we add to tablescapes to complete the overall look and will enhance your flowers making only a few stems of flowers seem to go a lot further.

Mallorca Wedding Tips – Great Alternative Wedding Flowers for Bridesmaids

We are often asked “What flowers should the bridesmaids have?” There is no right or wrong answer but in this post we explore some alternative bridesmaids’ flowers for your wedding in Mallorca.

1.Flower Pomanders

This is a very traditional wedding addition and in recent years has made a bit of a come-back. We think they are nicest if kept quite small otherwise they can be a bit heavy. Carnations and chrysanthemums are great flowers to fill a pomander.

2.Flower Wands

Flower wands for your bridesmaids are a great option especially if you are on a budget or have a lot of bridesmaids. Using only three to five stems of flowers, our wands are a really economic alternative to the traditional bridesmaids’ posy. Always finished with copious amounts of pretty coordinating ribbon, the little ones always favour the wands. And they are quite robust meaning your little flower girl angels can wave them around until their heart’s content. Also available for big girls too ;)

3.Floral Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsages are versatile and cost effective, they also mean your bridesmaids will have both hands free to help assist you better and carry out their other bridesmaid duties. Originating in the states as prom flowers, the popularity of wrist corsages has spread to Europe and it’s easy to see why. We create ours on expandable pearl bracelets which are comfortable and easy to wear. We usually coordinate the flowers used with those used in the other bridal flowers so everything matches perfectly. Mothers of the bride and groom are also opting for wrist corsages too as Mallorca weddings are too hot for jackets but something on the wrist means the mums can still wear a flower.

4.Petal Baskets

Practical and pretty. Lovely petal baskets and buckets that are available in an array of colours and styles – rustic natural baskets, white painted wicker or lovely vintage tin pales. Decorated with flowers and ribbons and filled with the petals of your choice – large fresh rose petals or pretty little dried hydrangea and delphinium petals. Have a flower girl walk in front of you scattering the petals down the aisle and then all your bridesmaids to give out handfuls petals to your guests for confetti throwing after the ceremony. Brilliant for your photos.

5.Gypsophila Bridesmaid Flowers

I know we are supposed to be covering alternatives to posies but I couldn’t write a post on bridesmaids without mentioning gypsophila! Whether you call it gyp, gypsophila or baby’s breath there is no denying its popularity at the moment. This flower was totally unwanted a few years ago by brides, it was deemed so unfashionable and cheap. That’s not the case now, its sooooo popular and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. So whether you opt for gypsophila on its own or mixed with a few roses, it does make a very pretty, fairly cost effective and heat durable bridesmaid flower for your Mallorca wedding flowers.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flowers for your Mallorca Wedding

It’s hot hot hot! This has to be one of the biggest considerations when choosing your wedding day flowers, so here is our five tops tips to ensure your flowers withstand the Spanish summer heat and last throughout your big day in Mallorca…

1.Certain wedding flowers stand the heat way better than others.

Our favourite summer wedding flowers are: all types of tropical blooms including calla lilies, anthurium, orchids, celosia, protea, bird of paradise, and ginger snaps, however these more exotic blooms can sometimes be a little expensive so make sure you discuss your budget with your florist.

Normal lilies, sunflowers, carnations, roses, alstroemeria, dahlias, gypsophila, chrysanthemum, freesia and gladioli are all quite widely available, come in hundreds of different shades and are very affordable in the summer months as they are all in season. These flowers are all great choices for any summer wedding in Mallorca.

Flowers that are quite good so long as they are in florist foam or lots of water and kept indoors are gerberas and lisianthus. It’s also a good idea to ask your florist to wire any gerberas as they tend to flop in the heat.

Flowers to avoid or use sparingly in the height of summer would be hydrangea and peonies. These super-popular wedding flowers really don’t like extreme temperatures and once wilted, it’s practically impossible to revive them. They are also not cheap!

2. Consider using foam posy holders for your bouquets.

These handy little holders have a chunk of florist foam on them which your florist will arrange your bouquet blooms into. The foam is moist and full of flower-loving nutrients meaning your flowers are being fed and watered all day long for maximum freshness. A lot more practical for you, as you won’t be tempted to plonk your bouquet into someone’s drink to revive it!

3. Coloured flowers versus white flowers.

The darker the flowers, the stronger the flowers. A red rose is less fragile than a white rose and therefore stands up to the heat better. If opting for darker coloured flowers is possible with your chosen colour scheme, try to incorporate them where possible, especially in the items that are going to get used the most on the day i.e. the bouquets and buttonholes and any outdoor flowers than will be exposed to the direct sunshine.

Additionally paler shades of flowers can get bruised over the course of the day and can get brown tips on the petals, again darker shades do not seem to suffer from this affliction. Of course certain types of flowers don’t have darker shades so you will need to discuss this idea with your florist.

4. After 5pm ceremony

Having a later ceremony has a few benefits. A) Your florist will be able to prepare the flowers on the morning of your wedding opposed to the day before meaning they are likely to stay fresher for a little longer. B) The hottest time of the day will have passed and your flowers will appreciate the few degrees less heat (and probably your guests too). C) The sun will have dropped in the sky and so it’s more likely there will be shady areas to position the flowers.

5. Cut flowers don’t like direct sun.

It’s ironic really that flowers while rooted love the sun to grow and flourish but once cut the direct sunlight is their worst enemy! Direct sunlight, especially hot summer sun will wilt, brown and even crisp up your beautiful wedding blooms. Of course most flowers if in water or florist foam will stand up to the sun a little bit but having them outside with no shade under direct sun for hours is not wise. You may be wondering how this is avoidable if you are having an outdoor wedding but there are a few solutions; a) Choose an area for your ceremony that is shaded, b) Consider parasols for the dining tables, c) Consider a parasol for yourself and your bridesmaids and d) Have a late afternoon wedding when the sun is already positioned lower in the sky.

A wedding in Mallorca is simply superb, there is so much to enjoy here. We have over ten years’ experience creating wedding flowers for brides and can advise and provide lots of ideas to fit with your wedding and budget.