About Us

About Us

Business founder and managing director Olivia Alexandra has been working in the events industry throughout Europe for the last ten years creating floral and decorative design for hundreds of events, including those of the rich and famous.

“We specialise in providing bespoke creations for our clients, we love making their event, home or business truly unique and to give them something special just for them.

It started off as just flowers and then over time our clients wanted more of a complete design package for their event. So now we can provide pretty much anything related with decorations and flowers from table settings through to backdrops and props.

We still love doing just floral design and have many clients who just use us for purely that whether it’s an arrangement for their boat or a weekly home delivery of fresh flowers. Making beautiful creations for people is our passion and doing it here on the stunning island of Mallorca just makes it even better.”

Whether it’s an arrangement for your boat, business or home, you are holding an event or you simply need a gift, the team at Olivia Alexandra Flowers will create something truly spectacular every time that suits your needs and budget.

How much should I budget for wedding flowers?

This is a question we get asked probably every week! And it’s a really difficult one to answer as there are so many determining factors. The main factors being how big is your wedding – the more guests you have attending, the more tables, chairs and pew ends you will need. But seasonality will also affect the price of flowers as will the type of flowers you choose. But as a guide around 10% of your total wedding budget should be put aside for flowers and decorations.

At what point in the wedding planning process should I book my wedding florist?

Over the last few years we have noticed couples booking our services earlier and earlier. It’s not unusual for us to take bookings up to two years in advance! So from the perspective of securing your preferred suppliers, as soon as you have booked your date and venue, that is a good time to book your florist/decorator.

At this stage you may not know exactly what you want for your wedding – most couples don’t even have a colour theme at this stage, but the date can be secured with a very low deposit amount and then you can take your time to decide on the details and numbers nearer the time.

Most commonly though we tend to hear from wedding clients after they have chosen their bridesmaid dresses as then the colour scheme has been decided and this tends to work really well. But if you are working to a last minute timing plan and we still have your date available, we will always be able to put something wonderful together for you.

In the summer heat, what flowers will last longest?

If you are buying a gift or choosing flowers for your home or yacht, you want them to last more than a couple of days right? If its longevity you want then there are some great tropical blooms available which look stunning in structured arrangements and bouquets. Softer and more sturdy flowers such as lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums will last well too even in the height of summer so long as they are kept out of direct sunlight. We can advise you on the best flowers to suit your needs and budget.

How do I decide on what is needed for my event – I don’t know where to start?

We offer a free and no obligation event planning consultation where we can discuss your event at great length. We cover topics such as your vision of how you see the event looking, the atmosphere you want to be created, the size of your event, the event occasion, who will at the event and lastly budget. We can advise and help you along the way to ensure that your event unfolds exactly how you want.